A Removable & Affordable Option for Replacing Missing Teeth

What are Dentures?

Dentures in Singapore are removable replacements for missing teeth, made of plastic, metal or both. Partial dentures replace a few missing teeth while full or complete dentures replace all missing teeth.

Why wear Dentures?

People wear dentures or false teeth in Singapore for many reasons:

  • Improve appearance
  • Maintain chewing or eating functions
  • Maintain and support the structures around the mouth such as cheeks and lips

How is
Denture made?

Our dental specialist will conduct a full examination on your teeth and mouth before taking an impression of your bite. After that, the impression is sent to a lab to fabricate your denture. This may take 7 to 10 days, when completed, your denture will be ready for issue.

A subsequent review appointment with your Prosthodontist in 1-2 weeks later, to ensure that the denture is well fitted and comfortable.

How should I maintain my Dentures?

Dentures are easy to maintain and last for a long time.

Brush dentures after every meal and at night with a soft toothbrush.

Soak your dentures in water or denture cleaner overnight.

Avoid hot water and abrasive or bleaching cleaning agents as this may deform or discolour them.

How long can a denture last?

Average lifespan of a denture in Singapore is 3-5 years.

Dentures may loosen over time because gums may shrink and conditions in our mouths changes as we aged.

What to do when a denture is loose?

You may return to your dental clinic to adjust your denture or make a set of new dentures.

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