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Orthodontic Braces

What is Brava by Brius?

BRIUS is the developer of the Brava System, a technology for discreet orthodontic treatment that offers improved aesthetics and biomechanical efficiency; and is designed to enhance the treatment experience for patients.

Brava by BRIUS® is a new approach to orthodontics. They’re not braces, or aligners. Brava’s Independent Mover® technology uses AI Technology and pre-programmed biomechanics to straighten your teeth independently and simultaneously.

Why Choose Brava?

Brava Independent Movers stay attached to your teeth throughout the treatment. Brava straightens your teeth at all times without constant visits and adjustments.

Because they’re placed on the back of your teeth, Brava Independent Movers® cannot be seen. No wires connect the teeth—so brushing and flossing are easy to do.

You can enjoy the confidence boost of a perfect smile without anyone even knowing you're undergoing treatment.

Who is suitable for Brava?

Brava is suitable for patient of all ages. The benefits of BRAVA are a bonus if you’re concerned about how braces will make your smile look. It’s also a good option if you aren’t looking for a removable appliance like Invisalign. Since its creation, BRIUS has successfully straightened many smiles, and we can use it to treat most orthodontic issues, ranging from mild to severe. 

At your first consult, our orthodontist will be able to determine if BRIUS is a good fit for you.

Your Brava journey

  1. Your journey to a Brava smile starts after examination of your teeth by our orthodontist. Our orthodontist will discuss with you the individual teeth positions and any misalignment or crowding that you want to improve.
  2. After that we will use 3D digital scanning to map the exact position of every tooth. Using this map as a starting point, your case will be submitted to Brava and using specialized Brava software, the optimal path for moving each tooth into its desired position will be mapped out.
  3. Next, our orthodontist uses Brava’s Independent Mover™ Technology to customize your treatment plan, moving each tooth to its ideal position. Your Brava device is crafted from shape memory Nickel-Titanium (NiTi), which is used in many medical devices.
  4. The Brava system is bonded behind the teeth by our orthodontist. Once in place, they apply constant, gentle force to move each tooth efficiently and independently to its ideal position. For many patients, there are no further adjustments or wire changes needed. You'll only need periodic visits to track your progress.

Advantages of Brava


Your Brava is made of flexible NiTi—nickel titanium—which has superelastic and shape-memory properties. Brava’s design process uses algorithms to program the NiTi to move teeth specifically, precisely and more quickly than traditional braces and aligners. Brava’s arms give each tooth its own unique movement plan—that’s why we call them Independent Movers.


With Brava, there are no wires connecting your teeth, so brushing and flossing are easier to do. And because the same system stays attached and works throughout your entire treatment, you don’t have to make extra trips to the doctor for adjustments. Say hello to better hygiene and more free time!

Patient FAQ

  • Why is Brava treatment faster?

    Brava works on each tooth independently and simultaneously at all times. With Brava, our orthodontist designs your ideal smile, and Brava programs the shortest possible path for each tooth to its ideal position. Brava’s Independent Mover technology applies gentle, continuous force in all three dimensions to each tooth independent of the others, including the specific order and timing for each tooth to move. This independence moves teeth faster and with less hassle than aligners.

  • Why is Brava an improvement over braces?

    Brava works out of sight, attached behind your teeth. And it works with greater efficiency than braces. There’s no central wire that needs constant adjusting, which means fewer appointments.

  • What are Independent movers?

    Independent Movers are an advanced way to move teeth. This biomechanical approach allows for independent and simultaneous movement. Once installed, Brava’s shape-memory NiTi—nickel titanium—arms begin to apply constant, gentle force to efficiently move each tooth independently on a direct path to its ideal position. Brava uses complex algorithms to program the Nickel titanium wire to move precisely and faster than traditional braces and aligners.

  • How do I brush with Brava?

    Just like you normally would. Do consider brushing with an electric toothbrush or a soft bristle three times a day for two minutes each time. Focus on each tooth for three to four seconds each—angle the brush up for upper teeth and down for lower teeth. Second, consider incorporating a water flosser into your routine. You can also use normal floss since there’s no wire to get in the way. A little extra attention while wearing Brava will definitely score points with your orthodontist.

  • Can I floss with Brava?

    Absolutely. Do it twice daily. Because Brava works on each tooth independently, there are no wires to get in your way—a dramatic departure from braces. Any floss will do. Or use a water flosser if you prefer.

  • Are there food limitations with Brava?

    After you get Brava installed, please avoid foods that are hard, crunchy or sticky for at least five hours. Start with soft foods like pasta and smoothies. Give your mouth and your Brava time to get acquainted.

    You can return to a modified food routine the day after Brava’s installed:

    • Avoid chomping into harder foods like carrots or apples—cut them into slices first.
    • If you must have ice in your mouth, use small chips, not whole cubes.
    • Cut meat from bones (i.e., ribs) before eating.
    • Never open nuts with your teeth.
    • Avoid eating sticky foods.

    And remember the points above about enhancing your teeth cleaning and flossing routine.

  • Is Brava comfortable?

    Like any type of orthodontics, you and your Brava will take some time to get familiar and comfortable with each other. Adjustment time is typically around two weeks (for some it’s less, for others it can be a bit longer). It’s normal to feel some tongue discomfort and for your speech to feel and sound a little different while you acclimate. After your Brava is installed, there are no painful adjustments or wire tightenings to live through. That’s a relief!

  • Adjustment Period

    Congratulations on starting your journey towards a healthy smile! Like traditional braces and aligners, there is an adjustment period with Brava. Your teeth are beginning to move and, just like wearing a new pair of shoes or starting a new workout routine, your body needs around 2-3 weeks to adjust.

  • Does Brava affect my speech?

    It might, for a little while. Brava is attached and hidden behind your teeth, and your curious tongue will want to poke around. This placement could alter your speech for a week or two as your tongue gets familiar with Brava. Ask our Orthodontist for tips about adjusting to Brava.

  • Can I play contact sports wearing Brava?

    Yes, as long as you wear a mouth guard. Get one fitted after your Brava is installed. Because Brava sits behind your teeth, it already has some protection from impact, and a mouth guard will add extra security.

  • Can I play a musical instrument with Brava?

    You can! Brava shouldn’t alter your experience with wind instruments like trumpet or clarinet. Of course, you, your Brava and your instrument will need some time to get familiar and comfortable with each other. But practice makes perfect!

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